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> The conservative hieroglyphic writing will not give us much
> clue about changes - especially a vowels are simply not
> indicated.   Possibly there are hints in hieratic and
> demotic and the interesting _group system_ that Alex talks
> about above may give clues - I don't know.  But we can be
> certain that Narmer would no more have understood Coptic
> than King Alfred would understand modern contemporary
> English - and the time between Narmer and Cleopatra is far
> greater than that between King Alfred and today.

I believe that Cleopatra would have a hard time with modern church
Coptic, which is pronounced as if it were Greek!

As an example of Egyptian reconstruction:
Rusat (Old Kingdon) > Yusat (Middle Kingdom) > Usah (late New Kingom) >
Ęsi (Alexandrian Coptic)
The Egyptologists say Aset and that's Isis to the rest of us!

I hope this winds up on the list: my last attempt went to Ray: I'll
swear this email thing has a mind of its own.