We are moving our TEI collections to Rosetta from ExLibris/Proquest and I
was wondering whether anyone had any experiences or suggestions to share
about such migrations?

I'm particularly interested in hearing about:

(a) calling OxGarage as a background task within an archival system

(b) using TEI within the "Digital Collections View" in ExLibris/Proquest's
Primo product

(c) building ISO 14721 SIP's of TEI documents and related files (xml,
images, old versions of the xml, epub, pdfs, etc). Exemplars would be most

(d) any kind of TEI presentation system which has a OAI-PMH feed between
the presentation layer and the underlying preservation layer. (I'm aware
that Omeka can do this for relatively simple TEI content.)

...let us be heard from red core to black sky