On 24 June 2016 at 08:59, Stuart A. Yeates <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> (d) any kind of TEI presentation system which has a OAI-PMH feed between
> the presentation layer and the underlying preservation layer. (I'm aware
> that Omeka can do this for relatively simple TEI content.)

Kia ora Stuart!

It depends on what you want from a presentation layer I suppose. Drupal is
probably similar to Omeka in having an OAI-PMH ingester and having a rather
simple TEI presentation layer.

There are many more sophisticated TEI presentation layers out there, so I
would be careful not to assign too much (any?) weight to the value of a
presentation layer having an OAI-PMH ingester. There are plenty of
presentation layers which can be updated very easily via OAI-PMH using an
external harvester. It could be a 2-line cron job calling pyoai to update a
local folder of TEI XML files, and then calling the presentation layer's
reindexing script, to read the contents of that folder. I know this would
be easy to do in XTF, since I'm working with that at the moment, but I'm
pretty sure it's true as a general rule.


Conal Tuohy