in ODD, how can I change the constraints of the <div> elements that 
appear in a certain position (e.g., /TEI/text/body) while using the 
default definition for all the other elements?

I could specify those constraints as a set of Schematron assertions, but 
those would not be picked up by, for example, oXygen for the automatic 
completion of element names and attribute values.

In RelaxNG one can give two different definitions of <div>: one for 
those elements appearing in a certain production, and another for all 
the others contexts. Can the same thing be done in ODD?

The use case for this request is that I would like <div>s in 
/TEI/text/body to contain only few whitelisted elements, while allowing 
<div> in other places (mainly the header) to be unconstrained.

Note: Element names and element definitions are separate entities in 
RelaxNG; in ODD it looks like element names and their definitions cannot 
be separated (I suppose this has to do with DTD support). Probably this 
means that what I am looking for cannot be done, but I think it is worth 
asking anyway.


Gioele Barabucci <[log in to unmask]>