Am 24.06.2016 um 01:30 schrieb Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex:
> Hi Gioele,
> Neither an ODD nor a Schematron approach: You can use a second RNG
> schema. Here is a sample schema (that also serves as a blog post about
> this approach):

Hello Gerrit,

using <anyName>+<except> in <start> is a nice trick!

My only problem now is that using your technique as it is raises a lot 
the bar to make adjustments to the guidelines I am currently working on. 
Collaborators would then need to learn also RelaxNG (and a non 
widespread trick) in addition to ODD.

I would suggest the ODD maintainers to seriously consider integrating 
this technique to allow context-dependent refinements without using 
Schematron (see my other reply to Lou Bernhard's email).


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