Am 22.06.2016 um 23:06 schrieb Lou Burnard:
> The TEI Simple ODD includes a set of Schematron rules designed to
> prevent child elements which are permitted in the Header from appearing
> in the <body>. They appear as <constraintSpec>s, like other Schematron
> rules, and are processed as such by the current stylesheets, so that
> oXygen will certainly flag any such elements as errors: I am not sure
> what you mean by "automatic completion of element names" in this context.

Hello Lou,

the problem with Schematron is that it can only constrain; Schematron 
rules provide no support for inference.

A practical example: if I want to say that certain `<div>` elements con 
contain only `<l>` elements, I could write a Schematron rule like

     <assert test="not(div[@type='page'][not(./l)])"/>

but oXygen would never be able to infer from that, that when the users 
go to add a new element inside a `<div type='page'>` they should only 
see `l` as a possibility, and none of the other elements that can appear 
in generic `<div>` elements.


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