Am 30.06.2016 um 19:30 schrieb James Cummings:
> I'm not sure I follow. Why isn't <egXML> and <eg>, which are allowed
> inside <div> (and inside <p>, and list items, and well all over the
> place) satisfactory?
> If it is that you want an element to group prose discussion, and a set
> of examples, figures, etc.. ... then isn't really what you are asking
> for a <div> element? <div>s are generic and can be used for any
> subdivision of the text even if that is just an otherwise
> undifferentiated grouping of <p>, <egXML>, <eg>, <figure>, etc.

Hi James,

grouping a `<p>`, a `<figure>` and an `<egXML>` in a `<div>` is what I 
am doing now.

I could turn the question backward: why aren't simple `<div>` elements 
be used in the examples of `<elementSpec>`? ;)

Having a dedicated `<exemplum>` element to group all the elements that 
constitute one example allows the ODD stylesheets to generate special 
HTML for those examples and it also allows the creation of things like a 
list of examples.

Obviously, everything can be done throwing around some `<divs>` and some 
custom code. But I must admit I was surprised that a literate format for 
schemas like ODD doesn't have examples as first-class constructs.


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