>> <app>
>>    <lem>standard reading<add hand="#h1" place="above"><metamark
>>       function="signe-de-renvoi"
>>       rend="curve"/></add></lem>
>>    <rdg hand="#h1" rend="margin">alternate reading<metamark
>>       function="variant" rend="ṭa"/></rdg>
>> </app>
>> What I am especially unsure about is:
>> * The position of the metamark entries as children of the lem/rdg.
> I think it is well marked up as a child of <add>
>> * The @rend on rdg (abusing @rend here for @place).
> Mmmh I’d prefer to have an <add place=””> within the <rdg> which will also match the fact that the <metamark> is within an <add>

If the corrector/commentator (h1) is defined as a witness in its own 
right you don't have to indicate neither place nor the fact that reading 
is an addition. Both could be generally described in the listWit within 
witness. But I understand you want to combine a critical text version 
with a document-centered transcription all in one document.

As for the categorisation of the reading, what about an @type="ṭa" on rdg?
Or @ana="ṭa" on metamark?


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