Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Responses are due before July 12, 2016.

RFQ: Phase 1 of Migration of TEI-C website to WordPress

The Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI-C), an international organization that develops and maintains a standard for representing texts in digital form, plans to commission a new website for the organization, replacing the core of the old website that currently runs on a customized version of OpenCMS with a WordPress instance. The TEI-C seeks quotations from freelancers interested in carrying out this work in coordination with the TEI webmaster. Preference will be given to candidates willing to collaborate with the TEI webmaster using screensharing or in person in Denton, Texas.

While a new information architecture and design for the site are planned for Phase 2, the first step (Phase 1) is simply to replace the existing OpenCMS site with a WordPress instance.

While there are various subdomains under, this project concerns only a portion of the pages on the domain Specifically, it concerns only those pages, including the homepage, that have a common footer with a row of buttons and links. There are approximately 500 pages at this time.

By August 1, 2016, the TEI webmaster will:

  1. Set up a WordPress instance.

  2. Install the HTML Import module (or other modules upon request) to assist with the content migration.

  3. Share administrative credentials for the new site.

  4. Provide guidance on integration with components of the old site not under OpenCMS.

  5. Coordinate a freeze of all content updates on the existing site during the migration.

  6. Coordinate with the system administrator on updating domain names and implementing redirects.

By September 1, 2016, you will:

  1. Recreate (though not necessarily exactly) the current site design in WordPress by choosing an appropriate theme.

  2. Migrate each page served from OpenCMS (the HTML version, not the XML source) of the old site to the new site, likely with the help of the HTML Import module, recreating the page hierarchy and, where possible, the navigation menus.

  3. Keep a mapping of old to new URLs to allow for redirects to be put into place after the migration (unless using the HTML Import module, which generates this automatically).

  4. Address errors in the migration process reported by October 1, 2016.

Following completion of these tasks, the TEI-C, incorporated in the State of Virginia, will pay you in US dollars based on your quotation.

If interested in providing these services, please send email [log in to unmask] before July 12, 2016, with:

  1. the quotation (total price) for completing the tasks above

  2. a note about your willingness to collaborate by sharing screens or in person in Denton, Texas

If you have any questions, please also contact [log in to unmask].

Bidders will be notified of the status of their bid by July 20, 2016.