Yes, and no.... it rather depends whether "#vergil-aenide" is a valid URI in your document.

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Subject: Re: cRef usage
From: Thierry Pellé
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        short, fast and lousy but useful ! ;-)

Hence, if I understand well, I may define
<prefixDef ident="cref:"
 matchPattern="(.+?), (.+?)"
        Replaces cRef references.

and then use
<quote ref="cref:Virgile, Enéide">

That sounds good.

Thank you!

Le dimanche 12 juin 2016 à 08:00 -0400, Syd Bauman a écrit :
> [Fast-and-lousy response from an airport.]
> The @cRef mechanism has essentially been superceded by the
> <prefixDef> mechanism, which can be used on any pointer.
> >     Guidelines specifies that @cRef "specifies the destination of
> >     the pointer by supplying a canonical reference". I wonder why
> >     only gloss, ptr, ref, term provide such a canonical forme for a
> >     pointer. For instance, why is it not possible to specifies the
> >     @souce attribute of a quote as a canonical pointer?