Dear members of the TEI community,

Nominations reopened until 27 June 2016

Thank you to everyone who has nominated a candidate to stand for election. These have been safely received and you do not need to repeat the nomination. We are extending the call to give more people the opportunity to nominate, and to extend the slate of candidates standing for election.

We invite nominations from you for membership of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI-C) Board and Technical Council, and for the TAPAS Advisory Board. There are 3 positions vacant on the TEI-C Board, 5 positions vacant on the Technical Council, and 2 positions vacant on the TAPAS Advisory Board, all of them 2-year terms.

Serving on these bodies is an opportunity to contribute to the TEI-C community, helping to shape its strategy and technology, and strengthening it for the present and the future.

Please submit nominations for these positions to the nominating committee through this form by Monday 27 June 2016 (midnight HAST*):

Elections will be held by electronic ballot during August and September 2016, closing prior to the annual TEI-C Members' Meeting in September.

Nominations should include the nominee’s email address and indicate whether the nomination is for the Board, Technical Council, or TAPAS Advisory Board.

Self-nominations are welcome. TEI-C membership is not a requirement to nominate or to serve on any of these bodies.

All nominees will be asked to confirm their willingness to stand and, if elected, to serve. They will also be asked to provide both a brief statement of purpose and a biography. These will be published before the election opens. You can find example biographies from a previous year at:

The TEI-C Board is the governing body for the TEI Consortium, and is responsible for its strategic and financial oversight. The Board conducts its business by email correspondence, occasional telephone conferences, and at its annual meeting, for which travel subsidies are available.

The TEI-C Technical Council oversees the technical development of the TEI Guidelines. Nominees for Council should be reasonably experienced users of the Guidelines, and interest in specific areas is helpful. Council members also evaluate bug reports and feature requests, and they have primary responsibility for editing and updating the Guidelines and its release packages. Prospective Council members should be available for subsidized travel to one or two meetings a year, and to commit to ongoing work throughout the year.

Members of the Board and Technical Council are expected to participate actively in the discussion, activities, and meetings of their respective body.

The TAPAS advisory board contributes to the strategic planning of TAPAS, a TEI publishing and repository service, and the elected members represent the needs and perspective of the TEI community. Advisory board members work via email correspondence and conference calls (currently 3 per year) and may be asked for advice and assistance with grant planning, collaborative alliances with other organizations, and outreach to the TEI community. Elected members serve a term of two years.

Nominees will be invited to accept the nomination formally and provide a biography and a statement of purpose by Monday 18 July 2016 (midnight HAST*). Candidates may wish to indicate whether they can expect institutional support for their service if elected (for example, time allowance for service, help with expenses).

The TEI-C is committed to equality, values diversity, and seeks to create a welcoming environment for everyone. The Consortium encourages gender balance throughout its constituencies and as such particularly invites nominations of women to join the Technical Council as well as the Board.

For more information on the Board and Technical Council, including lists of current members, please see: and; for the TAPAS Advisory Board, please see:

* The nominating committee uses midnight Hawaii/Aleutian Standard Time (HAST) as it offers the latest global midnight.

On behalf of the nominating committee 2016
Nicholas Homenda, Elli Mylonas, Kathryn Tomasek, and Pip Willcox (chair)

Best wishes,


Pip Willcox

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