Hi William, (*sorry if this got sent out twice, having problems*)

If you are working with a dictionary and the variant is a variant form of a
lemma (or potentially anything else that goes in <form> really) you can use
@type=“variant” which I think is better than using <oVar> or <oRef> because
it keeps the two variant (orthographic) representations of the same lexical
item in the same element e.g. <orth>

So this is what I would do for that:

            <form type="lemma">
               <form type="variant">

Hope this helps, if it doesn’t I’d be interested in seeing an example of
what you are trying to do specifically as well..


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> Dear All,
> I am labouring through the very complex dictionary entries of Basnage de
> Beauval and oVar does a useful job. Insofar as it is now deprecated, what
> has been thought of to replace it when dealing with part of speech
> variations?
> I have been told of the beauties of oRef, but it is still empty and thus
> does not do the job.
> Would it not be nice to link what is deprecated to a replacement
> possibility?
> Best wishes
> Geoffrey