Hello everybody,

I'm encoding Early Modern letters and I'm linking different concepts (which are not necessarily 'terms') to the ontology :

… un horologio fatto da un gran <name ref="SoCh1468">mathematico</name> …

… molti principalissimi <name ref="SoCh1468">mathematici</name> concorrevano …

The xml:base attribute of the whole text (value: provides the URI for dereferencing the pointers in the @ref attributes.
This is the context.

And now my question : in the ontology I'm using the concept of mathematician is singular but in the second sentence the number of the named entity is plural. And I'd like to make the difference. After going through the Guidelines and the List archives, I'm not able to figure out how to cope with this issue :
* use @rend="plural" doesn't seem very 'clean'
* use @ana="#plural" is possible but needs a different xml:base context
* I see that @value is sometimes used fot this but is not allowed in this context
* @ type="plural" for the element 'name' doesn't seem very 'clean' neither

Or should I use this structure :

… molti principalissimi <name ref="SoCh1468">
<fs type="grammatical_properties">
 <f name="number">plural</f>
</fs>mathematici</name> concorrevano …

but this would need to add a module I do not basically use in my ODD.

Does someone have a hint to help me out of this "casse tête" ?