Fun stuff!

> Who are you?

Daniel son of Mark of the house of Swanson.

> What are you working on?

Vimium, Sajem Tan, Yemnarol, and a loglang based on number theory

> What's your L1?

American English, upper midwest pronunciation.

> Your L2, L3, etc?

L2: Spanish, L3-5 (not particularly good at any of these yet): Sajem Tan,
Welsh, Quenya

> What do you want from a conlang?

Depends on the conlang. Vimium: fictional context, Sajem Tan: fun,
Yemnarol: fun and fictional context, [unnamed loglang] {insert absurdly
far-reaching goal that will probably never be achieved}

> Naturalism or philosophical compatibility or usability?

Yes (though my track record suggests I care less about the first).

> Do you have a language crush, whether nat or con?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. Languages I'd like to learn
are the ones listed above along with Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebrew,
Ecclesial Latin, and Aramaic.

As for what I want to emulate, I really like the sound and appearance of
Quenya, the etymology of English, and the little I've seen of Old English's
vowel mutations.

> Who do you look up to?

I don't think I really know anyone taller than me.

> Tolkien or St. Hildegard von Bingen or someone more modern?


> Do you put your language in a fictional context?

Only the ones that look like human languages (not kay(f)bop(t) or the

> Are you down with nouns, or are you a verb nerb (alternatively, if you
can't abide "nerb," and i wouldn't blame you, i'll accept "in lerb with

My tendency so far has been to make them almost the same thing (any
particular root can probably be used as either).

Now that I've been asked I think I'll play with both and see which I like

> Are you an armchair or faculty-office-chair linguist (whatever kind of
chair _that_ is)?

Worn-out-dishchair-in-a-bedroom linguist.

> Have you just finished, oh idk, defending a Master's thesis? :D

Assuming nothing too terrible happens, I'll graduate high school next

> Reference grammars or texts and translations?

Both, though much more of the texts.

> Sounds or structures?


> Grammar or lexicon??

Would say lexicon, but I haven't generally gotten much of anything done on
that front. If I wrote everything down I'd probably have several dozen
sketchlangs by now and little more than a semantic outline of the lexicon.

> Coke or Pepsi?! (These are the hard-hitting questions.)

Water (I do not consume caffine).

> How did you get into this?

Tolkien and John McWorter's Great Courses lectures on general Linguistics.

> How did you find this group?

A YouTuber named Tom Scott collaborated with AllThingsLinguistic which had
a review of The Art of Language Invention which recommended this group.

> And what drives you to continue making languages?

Obsessive completionism with regard to background in storytelling. Testing
theoretical possibility. It's fun. Obsessive completionism with regard to
other things. Etc.

Are you going to answer your own questions?