I don't know if this is on-topic or not; if not I can add the OT: tag to  
future messages in this thread.

So anyway, when I read the poem "A Rock Makes an Excellent Puppy" in another  
thread, my brain started translating it into Lojban; I'm not entirely sure  
why. But this is what I ended up with, though it doesn't follow the rhyme or  
meter. Also my Lojban is pretty rusty, and though I've been trying to  
de-rust it, there are probably some errors; corrections would be  


>A Rock Makes An Excellent Puppy 
>by Kenn Nesbitt

lo rokci cu xautce simsa lo cityge'u


>A rock makes an excellent puppy. 
>They're practically almost the same. 
>Except that a puppy's rambunctious, 
>And a rock is a little more tame

.i lo rokci cu xautce simsa lo cityge'u
.i sa'enai naru'e mintu
.i ku'i lo cityge'u cu cilce tarti
.ije lo rokci cu na'e cilce

>It's true that a rock's not as hyper, 
>It may not chase after a ball.
>And often as not, when you call it, 
>It won't even hear you at all.

.i je'u lo rokci na plipe*
.i la'a na jersi lo bolci
.i ba'o lonu do klacpe kei
so'eroi na ba'e tirna do

>And maybe it doesn't roll over,
>And isn't excited to play, 
>But rocks always sit when you tell them, >And rocks really know how to  

.i la'acu'i lo rokci na gurgau ri
gi'e na gleki lonu kelci
.i ku'i lo rokci cu roroi zutse** co'u lonu do minde
.ije lo rokci cu certu lonu stali

>It may sleep a bit longer, 
>It probably eats a bit less, 
>But rocks never pee on the carpet, 
>You don't have to clean up their mess.

.i la'acu'i lo rokci cu zmadu sipna
.i la'a mleca citka
.i ku'i lo rokci cu noroi pincyvi'i vi lo lolgai
.i do na bilga lonu lumci fi le seljinsa

>So, go ask your folks for a puppy, 
>And possibly that's what you'll get. 
>But, still, if you can't have a puppy, 
>A rock is a pretty good pet.

.i .e'u ko cpedu fi lo rirni fe lo cityge'u
.i cumki fa lonu do cpacu ri
.i ku'i ganai do na kakne lonu ponse lo cityge'u
gi lo rokci cu mlixau dalpe'o

>It doesn't annoy you with barking, 
>It quietly sits on a shelf, 
>A rock makes an excellent puppy. 
>(That's what I keep telling myself.)

.i lo rokci na jai fanza do fai lonu cmoni kei
gi'e smaji zutse lo kajna
.i lo rokci cu xautce simsa lo cityge'u
to mi di'u ta'e cusku mi toi


*Didn't have a word for "hyper", but jumping seemed like a similar idea 

**Hmm, I don't think rocks assume a sitting position, but I didn't want to  
lose the parallel with the puppy


-la .kristan.

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