Hallo conlangers!

On 11.06.2016 03:15, Gabriel Brinton wrote:

> ¡Hola, idiomateros!
> I'm pretty new to the list, and i've already given a cursory introduction for my part, but i want to know more about who else is on here. Someone has probably made an intro thread before, but this list is overdue for one, so imma try and start a fun thread: Let's play 20 Questions! And by 20 Questions, i mean that i just typed up a bunch of get-to-know you questions for you all, and realized at the end i had exactly 20 (although it appears segmenting a string of questions for counting is a non-trivial problem). Huzzah!
> Who are you?

Jörg Rhiemeier, in various fora known as WeepingElf. I am 46 years old, 
live in Germany, work in a library and am also a writer, musician and 
visual artist.

> What are you working on?

My main conlang project is Old Albic, a language of a civilization in 
prehistoric Britain that inspired the Celtic and Germanic traditions of 
Elves and may have been (or inspired) Plato's Atlantis. I also have a 
number of side projects - dialects, descendants and relatives of Old 
Albic, and others. A past project was Roman Germanech, a Romance 
language with German-like sound changes.

> What's your L1? Your L2, L3, etc?

My L1 is German. I am fluent in English, and have some basic knowledge 
in Latin, French, Spanish and Dutch. The languages I have read grammars 
of but never learned are too numerous to list them all.

> What do you want from a conlang? Naturalism or philosophical compatibility or usability?

Naturalism. I want my conlangs to resemble natlangs, but I also wish to 
build up Old Albic at least such that it can be used for general 

> Do you have a language crush, whether nat or con?

Georgian (and Caucasian languages in general) and the Insular Celtic 

> Who do you look up to? Tolkien or St. Hildegard von Bingen or someone more modern?

Tolkien. Without Tolkien and his conlangs, Old Albic would never have 
been able to be born!

> Do you put your language in a fictional context?

Yes. It is the language of a fictional civilization of prehistoric Britain.

> Are you down with nouns, or are you a verb nerb (alternatively, if you can't abide "nerb," and i wouldn't blame you, i'll accept "in lerb with verbs")?

Hard to say, but I am a bit more "down with nouns". I am a 
morphosyntactic alignment geek and have a degree of volition marking 
system in Old Albic which uses different noun cases.

>   Are you an armchair or faculty-office-chair linguist (whatever kind of chair _that_ is)?

Armchair. Conlanging in general and Old Albic in particular got me 
started with linguistics, especially historical linguistics.

> Have you just finished, oh idk, defending a Master's thesis? :D

No thesis in linguistics.

> Reference grammars or texts and translations?

Reference grammars, but of course I also appreciate texts, and write 
them in my own conlangs.

> Sounds or structures?


> Grammar or lexicon??

Grammar. I have fallen behind with lexicon, but now that the basics of 
grammar are firmly established, I am looking forward to creating words 
with interesting etymologies!

> Coke or Pepsi?! (These are the hard-hitting questions.)

Neither. My favourite drink is A&O (a 1:1 mixture of apple juice and 
orange juice).

> How did you get into this?

It all began in 1980 with leafing through my brother's Latin school 
grammar where I saw all those wonderful paradigms which were so much 
more colourful than the bleached ones of German. Made some conlangs in 
the 1980s, then forgot about this hobby until I developed an interest in 
Tolkien's languages in late 1999, which got me started again with 
conlanging. I tried to make a conlang for "modern day Elves", named 
Nur-ellen, based on Sindarin, in 2000, but soon found that I'd rather 
build one that was entirely my own, and that led to Old Albic.

> How did you find this group?

I don't really remember - perhaps a link from the late, lamented 
Langmaker web site, I don't know.

> And what drives you to continue making languages?

I found conlanging, and the Albic project in particular, to be a 
fascinating pastime and a way of expressing myself.

> I really want to get a better sense of this community, who's here, and what you all do. This is a lot of questions, but i am unrepentent! >:D Answer as many or as few as you want, and i look forward to hearing from you.

At your service.

... brought to you by the Weeping Elf
"Bêsel asa Éam, a Éam atha cvanthal a cvanth atha Éamal." - SiM 1:1