I'm moving; I don't know exactly when yet, but it will be into a
smaller place, so I need to get rid of a lot of books.  These are
available for the cost of shipping (including both packaging and
postage).  If you are local and want to pick your books up at the
Esperanto Society of Metro Atlanta meeting this weekend, let me know
and I'll bring them.  Email me offlist with the titles of the ones you
want; first come first served.

The Loom of Language, Lancelot Hogben & Frederick Bodmer.  (A popular overview
of languages and linguistics, including conlangs (mostly auxlangs).)

Communication, Language and Meaning, ed. George A. Miller.

New Horizons in Linguistics, ed. John Lyons.

Essential Arabic.  Dictionary and phrase book.  Damaged cover.

Teach Yourself Welsh, T. J. Rhys Jones.

Teach Yourself Zulu, Arnett Wilkes & Nikolias Nkosi

Basic Italian, Charles Speroni & Carlo L. Golino

Teach Yourself Russian, Maximilian Fourman.

Lingvistikaj Aspektoj de Esperanto, John C. Wells.  Damaged cover.

La Serĉado de la Perfekta Lingvo, Umberto Eco

The Defi des Langues, Claude Piron.  About language problems and
    auxlangs, especially Esperanto.

Le Guide du Bon Usage, Albert Dauzat.  Prescriptive advice for native
    and fluent L2 speakers.

La Grammaire à L'oeuvre, John Barson.  Second-year French textbook.

German for Beginners, Charles Duff and Paul Stamford

Teach Yourself Serbo-Croat, David Norris

Smith's First Year Latin, revised by Harold W. Thompson.  1936 hardback.

Second Year Latin, Jared W. Scudder.  1948 hardback.

Japanese at a Glance.  Tiny phrasebook.

Japanese Phrase Book: the JASFIC edition.  Includes Japanese words and
phrases related to science fiction and conventions, as well as general
travel phrases.

Berlitz Basic Spanish Dictionary.

El arte de la conversacion / El arte de la composicion,
    Jose Luis S. Ponce de Leon

501 Spanish Verbs.

Living Language Conversational Spanish

Living Language Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary.

Hill's Swedish-English, English-Swedish Pocket Dictionary.

Dennison's French-English and English-French Dictionary.  Pocket-size
    with tiny print.

Collins Latin-English, English-Latin Dictionary.  Pocket size, tiny print.

Hippocrene Finnish-English, English-Finnish Dictionary.

Instant Japanese.  Phrase book and vocabulary.

Berlitz Finnish.  Phrase book and vocabulary.

Divry's English to Greek Conversation.

Jim Henry