>Are you going to answer your own questions?
>That was fun! Now you got to answer them too! :D
Ahhh i know, i just didn't want to make my first post really long and All About Me. [:

> Who are you?
My name's Gabriel. I'm a chemistry major, and i just finished up my last semester before transfer at a community college in California, except for a Spanish II summer course.

> What are you working on?
I'm working on a language! I don't know what it's called, but there's a name somewhere in there. I just have to find it! :D I've been hesitant to name it until i have a better idea of the culture and their semantic predilections. For now, how about just "Language"? A classic case of A Dog Named "Dog".

> What's your L1?
I doth espeake ye AEnglisce

> Your L2, L3, etc?
My L2 is Spanish, and feel confident calling it that not because i'm fluent or anything, but because i am on an academic path to proficiency. I was manically studying Dutch for a while (post-its with vocab were stuck to every boekenkast and raam in my house), in preparation for a school trip to the Netherlands that didn't pan out. Anyway, i hope to learn many more.

> What do you want from a conlang?
A timesuck, mostly, and a challenge. Conlang projects generally succeed in both respects.

> Naturalism or philosophical compatibility or usability?
My primary criterion for self-judgment is whether the language is cool. But i find motivated irregularity and pragmatic adaptations cool, so there's a lot of overlap with naturalism. Now if only i knew more about typology and evolution. I like to imagine in the future teaching a bunch of friends my language, so we could all teach our kids and see how they improve it through use, but that will probably never happen. I can dream anyway :"]

> Do you have a language crush, whether nat or con?
Ugh i have so many! I only know bits and pieces about a lot of languages, but Tagalog, Oneida, and Navajo provide some of my favorite bits and pieces. I don't know many bits OR pieces about Arabic or Aramaic, except for the funky triconsonantal roots, but i love the sounds. There is a huge Chaldean population in my hometown, so i get to hear both languages a lot. So i have to learn more about those. I'm also learning some Cebuano from a guy at my church (related to Tagalog), and although i haven't followed up on this yet, in my area i have access to classes in Kumeyaay, one of the languages of the DiegueƱo Mission Indians.

> Who do you look up to?
David Peterson is a pretty cool guy, and although i haven't really dug very deeply into any of his languages, i like the way he communicates them, and High Valyrian is <em>quite</em> rad. But my favorite thing he does is the Smiley Award, putting a spotlight on languages he admires. The features he tends to prioritize when writing the Smileys (argument disambiguation, funky quirks that only make sense diachronically) have shaped what i like as a conlanger.

> Tolkien or St. Hildegard von Bingen or someone more modern?
I admire Tolkien's languages in their completeness, but they aren't exactly what i aspire to create. He did the mellifluous thing so well that, whenever /I/ try to do the mellifluous thing, i just feel like i'm plagiarizing him. A lot of people on this list have done crazy, experimental things in one area of the language and put them to work in an otherwise naturalistic framework. Matt Pearson and Sylvia Sotomayor (yo what's up!) in particular have changed how i think about language. I didn't used to have an appreciation for how malleable it is.

> Do you put your language in a fictional context?
I do not. i have been focused on grammar for a while, but i will certainly flesh out the cultural context more once i really begin work on the lexicon. That's really what makes it a language.

> Are you down with nouns, or are you a verb nerb (alternatively, if you can't abide "nerb," and i wouldn't blame you, i'll accept "in lerb with verbs")?
IM A VERB NERB!! :D Not that i dislike nouns. Case systems are cool. But verbs are anything but straightforward, so i have a lot of creative freedom within that area. Language, my current project, is polysynthetic.

> Are you an armchair or faculty-office-chair linguist (whatever kind of chair _that_ is)?
Armchair linguist. I'm a chemistry major, so i don't have the opportunity to really delve into linguistics as an academic pursuit. The literal chair i'm sitting in is just a regular Ikea desk chair made of bent metal and blond wood. It doesn't have the Swedish name on it anymore.

> Have you just finished, oh idk, defending a Master's thesis? :D
I don't know why i counted this among the 20 questions, it was really directed at Logan Kearsley, who just posted yesterday about almost having an MA in linguistics. Apparently, i couldn't just congratulate him on his original post like a normal person, but i like that some of you have been interpreting this as "Where are you in your education?" I'll do that too. I've just finished 15th grade (3 years of Life After High Schoo, looking forward to many more), and I'll be transferring as a junior to Allegheny College in the Fall.

> Reference grammars or texts and translations?
I'm actually not at the point of usability so it's hard to tell, although i think i will probably still have an easier time describing my language for reference than actually using it for its primary purpose. That's something to work on.

> Sounds or structures?
I have fun making new sounds, but structures are what i get attached to.

> Grammar or lexicon??
Grammar now, lexicon later.

> Coke or Pepsi?! (These are the hard-hitting questions.)
I don't have a strong preference, but coke vs. pepsi is after all the de facto standard dichotomous get-to-know-you question, so it has to be included, and for my part ... caffeine-free coke. Stimulants are the last thing i need, but carbonic acid and vanilla flavoring and aspartame is otherwise not a bad combo in my book.

> How did you get into this?
I read Mark Rosenfelder's Language Creation Kit in 7th or 8th grade.

> How did you find this group?
I used to be active in the Facebook group "Conlangs," and a few people there would reference the mailing list every now and again. I took a hiatus from conlanging in the middle of high school, and when i recently returned to it, the Facebook community no longer appealed, so i googled "conlang listserv" and here i am! ^.^

> And what drives you to continue making languages?
Golly gee willikers, all the funky ways people express themselves are rad!