> Who are you?

I am Mechthild, Maggie, Rejis... basically I am me.

> What are you working on?
World domination, oh, you mean in regards to conlangs, Rejistanian is my main language, Neoquux and Laalasyicei are my sketch/proof of concept languages.

> What's your L1?

> Your L2, L3, etc?
English, Esperanto, used to be quite good in French, but am not anymore. Learning Turkish right now.

> What do you want from a conlang? Naturalism or philosophical compatibility or usability?
All my conlangs have to have a certain flavor, a certain smell so to say. Everything else is secondary

> Do you have a language crush, whether nat or con?
I used to like Ithkuil quite a bit until I read about a certain thing it did, and now I cannot even look at it without feeling peeved.

> Who do you look up to? Tolkien or St. Hildegard von Bingen or someone more modern?
Our very own David Peterson and Kamakawi.

> Do you put your language in a fictional context?
Yes, I do. Every language need a culture.

> Are you down with nouns, or are you a verb nerb (alternatively, if you can't abide "nerb," and i wouldn't blame you, i'll accept "in lerb with verbs")?
Rejistanian is all about weird stacked verbs, Neoquux mostly does wierd things with nouns.

> Are you an armchair or faculty-office-chair linguist (whatever kind of chair _that_ is)?

> Have you just finished, oh idk, defending a Master's thesis? :D

> Reference grammars or texts and translations?
My rejistanian stuff is at .

> Sounds or structures?

> Grammar or lexicon??
In the beginning a language is all about grammar, then you learn it well enough to mosstly care about the lexicon...

> Coke or Pepsi?! (These are the hard-hitting questions.)
Whatever is around, cheap and not diet.

> How did you get into this?
Bored in German class...

> How did you find this group?
Altavista, I think.

> And what drives you to continue making languages?
It's fun... and I have this artistic urge to create things.

Hope this helps.