Just to confirm: Are you saying that your docs work every 2nd weekend on average?

Is that like a shift on Saturday and a shift on Sunday on a working weekend and nothing on the next (on average)?

What happens with Friday evening/night? Do you count those as "weekend"?

How many years of this is one expected to do (and do you have a strategy for how to make sure your own kids don't forget who you are)? Is there an age or some other criterion in your ED beyond which this pattern changes, or does one do this from the very first week to the very last one of one's employment?

Sorry for the number of questions, but this (unless I misunderstand) is more weekend work than I expected even from the USA... And at least I didn't ask any difficult physics/chemistry questions...

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Questions for the group:
1. How many days off do your docs request per month on average? Do you have a limit?
2. What is your success rate of getting the docs 100 % of there requests off?
3. What is your success rate of getting the docs 95 % of there requests off?
4. How many weekend days do your docs average per month?
5. If you melt dry ice and try to go swimming, will you get wet?

My answers:
1. about 5 (but most are just to designate what weekend shifts they want off)
2. 98%
3. 100%
4. Each doctor covers 1/2 of the weekend shifts (all of us); and we keep track of 'extra' weekends (extra Sat or Sun) and even things out over time.
5. NO. Dry ice melting becomes gas; however, in Florida if you put the dry ice in a cup on your pool deck and then jump into your pool, yes you get wet.

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