I think the word "get" might not be clear enough... Nor is the word "lunch", I guess.

If by "lunch" you mean the actual food, then no, we don't "get". On a day shift (09:00-17:00 generally), you either bring it from home or you buy it at the hospital dining room, which is subsidised for staff and really not that bad... And, before you ask, yes, there is fish & chips, but only on Fridays. I know Americans often think of it as our national dish. Our actual national dish - curry - is available every day in some style or another...

If by "lunch" you mean the time to leave the shop floor in order to eat (or just relax for 30 or so minutes) then we do "get", but, as stated, it's not a part of our contract, so, occasionally, it's not that possible to take the time off. And, of course, if it's a shift which begins at 13:00, then "lunch" is more like "supper", I guess... There's never fish & chips at suppertime... But there is still curry... I think (our 13:00 shifts finish at 20:00, so I don't go to the dining room, but I head home instead and there's usually something to eat when I get in... Unless I've been bad, in which case, I get nothing more than a funny look and a this-is-not-your-local-KFC-you-know sort of attitude... (Don't worry - I am built to withstand a skipped meal here and there).

We do a mini-shift to cover 20:00 to midnight. This is not a "proper" shift - it's paid outside the contract as 4 additional hours and one does not need to volunteer for these if one does not wish to - only around 80% of us do them and some do more than others - on these shifts we generally not take a break at all.

Consultants don't work past midnight, although we are "on call" to come back in if/when required, but that's unusual. When you do end up coming in, you only do what you need to do, which is usually 1-2 hours, then back to bed, so no curry on this one...

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You guys get lunch?

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