Dear Andreas,

Thanks. I've just recalled this as well and tried to see if I can easily 
view the headers inside my smartphone. That's indeed not hard IF you 
know that you can expect this information there.

As for "signoff" vs. "unsubscribe", I do hope that they are synonymous 
to the Listserv. If not, then I'm sure we're going to learn about that 
soon... ;-)



On 07/07/16 15:45, Andreas Wagner wrote:
> Dear all,
> * Piotr Bański dixit [2016-07-07 15:27]:
>> information is provided, and therefore I would suggest that you try
>> e-mailing this address:
>> [log in to unmask]
> Among the email headers of every TEI-ML mail I find this one:
> List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
> Maybe try this address as well...
> HTH,
> Andreas

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