Hi Kevin,

Thanks. Yes, I was just about to send the address to the web form to 
João when it occurred to me to try it from a browser that doesn't 
automatically log me into the Listserv. When I looked at the result, I 
started searching for the direct unsubscribe address :-)



On 07/07/16 16:25, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> While the TEI-L does not include a standard footer with each message
> explaining how to update subscription options, unsubscribe, etc., on the
> page on the TEI-C website that Piotr mentioned
> <> there is a link to a web
> form <>,
> from which you'll find a link to "Subscribe or Unsubscribe" in the right
> column.  Using this requires that you log into the LISTSERV software, so
> you'll need to create an account if you've never done so.
> Alternatively, you can send commands by email to the LISTSERV software.
> The ones that Piotr and Andreas suggested (
> [log in to unmask] and
> [log in to unmask]) should both work: you
> simply send a blank message to this email address (it's not
> case-sensitive).  I'll update the page that Piotr mentioned to include
> one of these.
> —Kevin
> On 7/7/16 8:27 AM, Piotr Bański wrote:
>> Dear João,
>> I can understand the pain. I have just spend 5 annoying minutes trying
>> to find for you the magic string to unsubscribe by e-mail, with no big
>> help from the list homepage (or rather zero help). Fortunately, I keep
>> getting subscription e-mails to another listserv list, where this
>> information is provided, and therefore I would suggest that you try
>> e-mailing this address:
>> [log in to unmask]
>> (topic and body of the mail message irrelevant)
>> I hope it works for you.
>> @Webmaster:
>> I am going to add the above command to the page at
>> ,
>> but it would be great if either the command itself or maybe better the
>> link to the wiki page were also provided at
>> HTH and thanks in advance,
>>   Piotr
>> On 07/07/16 14:55, João Couvaneiro wrote:
>>>> Hello
>>>> Could you please also help to unsubscribe me: [log in to unmask]
>>>> <mailto:[log in to unmask]>?
>>>> Thanks
>>> João Couvaneiro

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