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>> On Jul 19, 2016, at 5:24 PM, Pierazzo, Elena <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I just want to express my delight and my excitement for this achievement. I was sitting close to Michael Sperberg-McQueen when this was announced and we both visibly gasped for the joy and the emotion of the moment. Michael had an interesting thought which was not possible to enact in Krakow, but could be a good idea in Montreal: to ask all people in the audience that have ever been part of the TEI Council/Board, have ever submitted a request in source forge/github, that has ever taken part in the life of the SIGs to stand up: looking around me last week I could say that we would have *a lot* of people standing up indeed, which proved how the TEI is a community and it can only exist as a community. And I’m very proud of being part of such a community!
> One way or another, we will find a way to do this in Montreal.

Hi all,

I was also there and am very pleased that the TEI Community has 
been recognised with this award. In my mind, if you are reading 
this email, then you are one of the winners.  However, could I 
suggest a slight modification to Elena's excellent suggestion, do 
this progressively: Ask those who have ever been on the TEI 
Council/Board or a working group to stand up, anyone who has ever 
submitted a bug or feature request to stand up, anyone who 
subscribes to the TEI-L mailing list to stand up, anyone who has 
ever worked on a project which used TEI at all to stand up, and 
finally anyone who has ever used resources encoded in TEI to 
stand up.  The award is given to the TEI Community as a whole, 
which to my mind also includes those that use it (but haven't 
contributed back in any way), and those who don't "use" it 
directly but support its use through the creation of resources 
based on it, etc. By the end I'm sure a majority of people will 
be standing up and those who aren't may decide they should go 
find out what this TEI stuff is all about.

I'm sure Nancy, Michael and Lou will do an excellent job 
accepting the award (not only providing a historical viewpoint 
but also reflecting on more recent developments) and using it as 
a chance to remind those who haven't used it about the TEI. 
However, I'd encourage the speakers to remember that we don't 
want the TEI to be seen as the old guard establishment which 
should now be overturned by the shiny new technology of some 
passing fad.


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