is there a way in ODD to *add* remarks to an element specification 
without losing the original remarks from the base/original specification?

The schema of a project I am working on is deviating a bit from the 
standard TEI and I would like to document these deviations in a 
systematic way. The best place to do this seems a `<remarks>` element 
inside `<elementSpec>`.

The problem I am facing is that when a `<remarks>` element is used in a 
ODD file, the original remark of the element is replaced.

A practical example: the `<add>` element. The `<add>` element in the TEI 
has a nice note that I would like to preserve: «In a diplomatic edition 
attempting to represent an original source, the <add> element should not 
be used...». Now, if I add a `<remarks>` like this:

<elementSpec ident="add" mode="change">
         <p>We use add in a weird way.</p>

the text «We use add in a weird way.» will replace the original one in 
the generated HTML. I was expecting two "Note" lines, I got only one. Oops.

My workaround is to copy and paste the source of the original remark 
into my ODD. This feels wrong.

A possible solution may be the addition of a `@mode` attribute with a 
meaning similar to that of the *Spec elements, so that one could write:

<remarks mode="add">
     <p>We use add in a weird way.</p>

And get this remark _in addition_ (and not _instead of_) the original 

Or are there better alternatives that I have not found yet?


PS: it is funny that a single "remark" goes in an element called "remarks".

Gioele Barabucci <[log in to unmask]>