Dear All,

Although I am normally only working on terms in the Basnage dictionary, I have just coded the entry for RIRE (laugh).

How would you handle this?

> <entry xml:id="Rire"><form><orth>RIRE</orth><gramGrp><pos ana="verbe">v.</pos><subc>neut.</subc>
>                   <tns>Je ris, tu ris, il rit, nous rions. Je rious. Je ris. J'ai ri. Je rirai. Que je rie. 
>                      Que je risse, ou je rirais. Riant. </tns></gramGrp></form>

For the moment, I have just chucked it in and am not clear how to handle this. One interesting aspect of his work is how he will fully illustrate usage with examples. There is a strong learner dictionary element in this dictionary.