Dear Elena,
unfortunately I am exactly in the same plight for exactly the same 
reasons: what I usually do is recommending a free/open source XML editor 
to do the course exercises, and then have a go at Oxygen to prepare the 
final exam project. My editor of choice is XML Copy Editor 
(, whose development seems to 
have stopped, sadly, and while it reports "RelaxNG validation" in its 
description I couldn't make it work; important limitation: only works on 
Macs under emulation.

I still hope that some day we'll get a student version of Oxygen: 
simplified UI, only XML editing/validation and XSLT 1 transformations, 
light on resources and cheap to buy; I'll tell you what, I'd like to 
have that for my day to day work ;)



Il 07/07/2016 12:22, Pierazzo, Elena ha scritto:
> Hi folk,
> I’m trying to figure out how to use JEdit with the TEI. I’d love to use
> oXygen, but my institution refuses to buy the licence and I have a few
> courses I need to teach there from September, and since my modules are
> thought for a term I cannot use the 30 days licence.
> I needed a multiplatform and free software there, so I ended up on
> JEdit, but I don’t seem to be able to validate properly, since for
> reasons that escapes me, if I download from Roma a TEI schema and  tell
> JEDIt to use it for validation, the XML plugin i use tray to validate my
> file against the Relax NG definition… here is the message of error I get:
>   * Untitled-1:1:element "TEI" not allowed here; expected element
>     "ns:attribute", "ns:choice", "ns:data", "ns:element", "ns:empty",
>     "ns:externalRef", "ns:grammar", "ns:group", "ns:interleave",
>     "ns:list", "ns:mixed", "ns:notAllowed", "ns:oneOrMore",
>     "ns:optional", "ns:parentRef", "ns:ref", "ns:text", "ns:value" or
>     "ns:zeroOrMore" (with xmlns:ns="")
> I guess I could use a DTD, which the plugin seems to be made for
> (, but it seems quite a silly
> thing to do, not to mention the fact I’d like to teach using the full
> power (!) of the TEI
> Who has experience using JEdit and TEI?  Or, do you have a better
> suggestion of which editor to use?
> Cheers and thanks!
> Elena
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