In France you can also use a licence flottante for oxygen which is provided free to CNRS institution s by humanum

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Subject: JEdit validation with TEI
From: "Pierazzo, Elena"
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Hi folk,

I’m trying to figure out how to use JEdit with the TEI. I’d love to use oXygen, but my institution refuses to buy the licence and I have a few courses I need to teach there from September, and since my modules are thought for a term I cannot use the 30 days licence.

I needed a multiplatform and free software there, so I ended up on JEdit, but I don’t seem to be able to validate properly, since for reasons that escapes me, if I download from Roma a TEI schema and  tell JEDIt to use it for validation, the XML plugin i use tray to validate my file against the Relax NG definition… here is the message of error I get:

  *   Untitled-1:1:element "TEI" not allowed here; expected element "ns:attribute", "ns:choice", "ns:data", "ns:element", "ns:empty", "ns:externalRef", "ns:grammar", "ns:group", "ns:interleave", "ns:list", "ns:mixed", "ns:notAllowed", "ns:oneOrMore", "ns:optional", "ns:parentRef", "ns:ref", "ns:text", "ns:value" or "ns:zeroOrMore" (with xmlns:ns="")

I guess I could use a DTD, which the plugin seems to be made for (, but it seems quite a silly thing to do, not to mention the fact I’d like to teach using the full power (!) of the TEI

Who has experience using JEdit and TEI?  Or, do you have a better suggestion of which editor to use?

Cheers and thanks!

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