While the TEI-L does not include a standard footer with each message explaining how to update subscription options, unsubscribe, etc., on the page on the TEI-C website that Piotr mentioned there is a link to a web form, from which you'll find a link to "Subscribe or Unsubscribe" in the right column.  Using this requires that you log into the LISTSERV software, so you'll need to create an account if you've never done so.

Alternatively, you can send commands by email to the LISTSERV software.  The ones that Piotr and Andreas suggested ( [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask]) should both work: you simply send a blank message to this email address (it's not case-sensitive).  I'll update the page that Piotr mentioned to include one of these.


On 7/7/16 8:27 AM, Piotr Bański wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Dear João,

I can understand the pain. I have just spend 5 annoying minutes trying to find for you the magic string to unsubscribe by e-mail, with no big help from the list homepage (or rather zero help). Fortunately, I keep getting subscription e-mails to another listserv list, where this information is provided, and therefore I would suggest that you try e-mailing this address:

[log in to unmask]

(topic and body of the mail message irrelevant)

I hope it works for you.

I am going to add the above command to the page at ,

but it would be great if either the command itself or maybe better the link to the wiki page were also provided at

HTH and thanks in advance,


On 07/07/16 14:55, João Couvaneiro wrote:

Could you please also help to unsubscribe me: [log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>?


João Couvaneiro