On Wed, Aug 31 2016, James Cummings wrote:

> Hi Marjorie,
> Isn't what you want then to use <bibl> in the text then?
>              <bibl type="ref">
>                  <author>Toto</author>
>                  <title ref="bibl.xml#toto">Shortened Title</title>
>                  <citedRange unit="page">16-23</citedRange>
>              </bibl>
> The citation is really to the title, hence putting @ref on 
> <title>. If it was on the <bibl> it would be a reference to this 
> particular citation including the citedRange, etc. which seems 
> misleading to me.

Couldn't the reference also be taken as pointing at page 16--23 in what
bibl.xml#toto refers to?  At least that's how I would take "See Toto
`Shortened Title', pp. 16--23."  I suppose the question is whether one
sees the pp. 16--23 as part of the bibl reference or not.

> On 31/08/16 12:27, Marjorie Burghart wrote:
>> ...
>> In the edited text, I need to give the references of the quoted passages in the edition, in a precise format since in the end result I want to author's name in small capitals, a usually shortened version of the title in italics, and the pages or columns range (I don't need the range encoded, but I'd like it to be parts of the same element as the author and short title). I also want the short bibliographic reference to be linked somehow to the full one in the bibliography.
>> <ref> with @target sounds like he answer, but the problem is that <author> is not allowed in <ref> so I cannot have:
>> <ref target="#toto"><author>Toto</author>, <title>Shortened Title</title>..., p. 16-23</ref>

You could use:

<ref target="#toto"><bibl><author>Toto</author>, <title>Shortened
Title</title>..., p. 16-23</bibl></ref>

Then the whole ref would be the pointer, and it would further consist of
the standard bibliographic reference.

Or also an empty ref:

<bibl><ref target="#toto"/><author>Toto</author>, <title>Shortened Title</title>..., p. 16-23</bibl>

Both forms should be fairly easy to process.

Patrick McAllister