Am 29.08.2016 um 15:34 schrieb Gioele Barabucci:
> the current guidelines contain `<lb>` and `<pb>` elements for line and page
> breaks. Could TEI introduce `<wb>` as well?
> The practical use case I have is not precisely for `<wb/>`, but for `<wb
> break="no"/>`.

I keep reminding myself to translate /in mente/ <lb/>, <pb/>, <cb/> to
"line/column/page beginning" (instead of "break"; I think there was a
discussion to this effect somewhere in the depths of the ML archive).
And the break attribute would explain how tokenization algorithms should treat
the element in question.
In your case, that would give "word beginning, but no tokenization boundary",
which seems somewhat self-contradictory to me.

If I understood your example correctly, you want to mark up the *space*, not
the newly beginning word.
Perhaps, if the issue is you want to manually insert whitespace for human
readability but make sure it has no xml consequences, you could put it inside
some no-operation element like this: <nop [whitespace/linebreaks here] />

She said hel<ab
        /><note>In a first printed draft etc.</note><ab
/>o to her son.

... although I must admit that this is not really much better readable than
the version with everything in one line...

Not really much of a suggestion then, but maybe it serves as an inspiration.


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