The TEI-C Board recently discovered that ConfTool, the system used for many years for organizing submission and peer review for the annual TEI conference, has been unintentionally requiring contributors to this year’s conference to transfer their copyright to the “organizers” of the conference by checking a box on a web form.

To address the situation with this year’s conference (, the organizers of the conference, who currently own the copyright, will publish contributions under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY 4.0), allowing both authors and readers broad rights to redistribute and adapt these contributions as long as the creators are credited.

For your reference, see the exact copyright language that has been provided by ConfTool below.  Moving forward, we will not require consent to these terms and instead rely on an implied license from authors to the conference organizers and TEI-C to publish abstracts as part of the conference proceedings and related conference materials, as is the case at many academic conferences.

Our apologies for this confusion!  Thankfully we are able to rectify this situation rather seamlessly. 

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.   


Michelle Dalmau, Chair of the TEI-C Board

====================== ConfTool Copyright Terms ======================

The undersigned (First and Last Name) hereby assigns the organizers of
TEI Conference and Members' Meeting 2016 all rights under copyright that
may exist in and to the above work, including the rights to use,
distribute, publish, record, broadcast, reproduce and archive the work.

The undersigned warrants that the work and his/her presentation are
original and that he/she is the author of the work and the presentation.
To the extent the work and the presentation incorporate text passages,
figures, data or other material from other authors, the undersigned has
obtained all necessary permissions to grant the license above.

Furthermore, the undersigned grants the organizers of TEI Conference and
Members' Meeting 2016 the permission to use, distribute, publish, record,
broadcast, reproduce and archive, his/her presentation and comments at
the conference in any format or medium.

Finally, the undersigned confirms that he/she has the power and authority
to make and execute this form. For jointly authored works the signing
author signs as authorized agent for the others.