Dear list,

I am working on manuscripts of a text that, between chapters (div3 in my text structure) has a formula like "Sections 12, Chapter 3" where the first items serve as a trailer to the div3 preceding and the second serve a the head to the next div3. 

So the basic, repeating structure is 
<div3><ab>...</ab><ab>...</ab> ... <trailer>Sections 12</trailer></div3>
<div3><head>Chapter 3</head><ab>...</ab><ab>...</ab> ...</div3>

But there is a whole section where the scribe reverses the elements: 
Chapter 3, Sections 12, although the sections are in reverse order. 

Any suggestions about how to encode this? I suppose one could use <seg type="head-inverted"> with a @corresp to point to the div3 that it serves, or something like that. But I have to think that people working with MSS have encountered stuff like this and have come up with solution.

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