Yes, and in fact, this use is mentioned in just after the Baxter example: " The usual encoding of short-form references such as Baxter, 1983 is not as bibl elements but as cross-references to such elements; see section 3.11.3 Bibliographic Pointers below."  --Kevin

On 8/30/16 11:01 AM, Martin Holmes wrote:
Hi Antonio,

I would definitely use <ref target=theBibl">Baxter, 1983</ref> for this. You might want to look at the jTEI customization (<>), which uses this approach, and has an example here:



On 2016-08-30 08:55 AM, Antonio Rojas Castro wrote:
Dear TEI members,

I am currently building a bibliographic list using <list>, <item>,
<bibl>, <author> and <title> for each entry. After that I would like to
link each entry with the references in the text. I had a look at the
Guidelines and I think I may use the element <bibl> also for references.
For instance, in the Guidelines you can find this example:

    All of this is of course much more fully treated
    in <bibl>Baxter, 1983</bibl>.

​However, you cannot use the attribute @target with <bibl>... Am I
missing anything? Should I use <ref> instead of <bibl> to link
references and entries?

Many thanks in advance.

​Antonio Rojas Castro*
Communication Coordinator for EADH​*
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