Also on Cinnabar Island is the Pokémon Lab, where you can resurrect 
ancient Pokémon from fossils.

Omanyte (Japanese: オムナイト Omnite): Xlyjtatsat "helix shell"
Omastar (Japanese: オムスター Omstar): Žiraxlyjta "lord helix"

Kabuto (Japanese: カブト Kabuto): Garannyš "dome chelicerate"
Kabutops (Japanese: カブトプス Kabutops): Xnižanyš "helmet chelicerate"

Kabuto and Kabutops don't look much like anything I have a name for, but 
maybe something like Kabutops exists as an animal on the world where 
Tirëlat is spoken. I made the word "nyš" and defined it as "creatures 
resembling eurypterids (sea scorpions)". Eurypterids and horseshoe crabs 
are members of the subphylum Chelicerata.

Aerodactyl (Japanese: プテラ Ptera): Nimëret "wing reptile"

With its tail, Aerodactyl looks more like a dragon, so something like 
"rock dragon" might be a good name.

Now on to Victory Road, where the last of the three legendary birds is 

Moltres (Japanese: ファイヤー Fire): Šxełaxarhš "burn storm"

I was originally going to call Moltres "Lašëxarhš" (fire storm), but I 
decided that I liked the sound of "Šxełaxarhš" better.

And the last Pokémon that can be found in the game is .....

Mewtwo (Japanese: ミュウツー Mewtwo): Njewdlaa "meow two"

And here's a final bonus (not available in the original games, but 

Mew (Japanese: ミュウ Mew): Njew "meow"

And with that, the list is done!