My guess is "probably not".  The most recent movie "Star Trek: Beyond" hired Sara Maria Forsberg to do their linguistic work -- the same woman who did linguistics for Star Wars Episode 7 from last year.  Her work, from what I understand, was not a true conlang, but a "language mimic".  Gibberish made to sound consistent, but not created with the appropriate linguistic structure that conlangs are made from.

Since that seems to be the trend post-Avatar, I'm guessing "Discovery" will do something similar.  If not directly hiring Forsberg herself.

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Does anyone know whether anybody has been hired to conlang for
Star Trek Discovery?  (I guess Michael Okuda might be their first

If not, should we contact the writers and/or producers about the
possibility?  I've tried reaching out on Twitter but been ignored
so far.  ;o)  It would be a pity if they aimed at present-day
standards for serialized storytelling and visuals but cheaped out
on languages...

Needless to say, conlanging for Trek would be the job of a

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