Dear all,

The Text & Graphics SIG has had a productive meeting last week from 
which the following GitHub tickets have emerged or been added to, and 
I'd like to encourage everyone who's interested to participate in the 
discussions on GitHub:

* facsimile encoding with the recently updated <graphic> element (cf. 
TEI-L, GitHub #1439): formerly limited to inline images, <graphic> can 
now (as of March 2016 / version 3.0.0) be also used to encode 
facsimiles. Several examples in the Guidelines already reflect this, but 
the Guidelines prose needs to be updated accordingly. At the least, 
cross-references between chapters 11 and 3.9 should be added. See 

* linking to coordinate data in non-TEI formats: in some project 
architectures, image coordinates are stored in external files, e.g. in 
JSON. Currently there is no encoding mechanism to explicitly link from a 
TEI <zone> to such a non-TEI file. See 

* placement of nested <figure> elements: <figure> may contain <figure> 
and there are examples in the Guidelines of such multi-part images. 
However, the Guidelines do not say how to indicate the exact position of 
the inner images. A possible solution might be to allow <zone> inside 
<figure> so that both the outer and the inner images can be wrapped in 
<zone> and then positioned using the TEI coordinate attributes. See 


(SIG Text & Graphics co-convenor)

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