This is probably a simple matter but I not getting anywhere, and any help would be appreciated

I'm revising a series of documents that I published a number of years ago and restructuring the various files and links. Here is the problem:

In one document (agenda.html) that contains a table, I have set up a link that works fine to a NAME further on in the same document: 

<LI><B><A HREF="#1."><I>Pretend Name </I>And Rest of Name</A> </B></LI>

That link takes me to the following target site in the same document:

<TR><P><I><B><A NAME="1." ID="A">1. </A>Pretend Name</B></I><B>And Rest of Name*</B></P>

I want to set up a link from another file (index.html) to that same target in the first file (agenda.html)? Both files are in the same folder. What syntax should I use in index.html to get me to that target?

Many thanks.


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