Are any of you a lawyer? (Whether practicing or possessing a JD, LLB,
LLM, or equivalent.)

If yes, what areas of law / what jurisdictions?

LCS got an email recently, from a major law firm, asking for people
interested in participating in a panel on conlang copyright law in NY.
I can only think of a small handful of people who are near that.

I couldn't even think of any conlanger lawyers, regardless of practice
area. (FWIW, I'm applying to law schools this year [again*] and have,
pragmatically speaking, practiced law for a few years now. But I'm not
[yet] actually a lawyer.)

I thought that maybe I simply don't know who the lawyers among us are,
so I figured I'd ask y'all.

- Sai

* Turns out that when law schools say they have "rolling admissions",
they mean "unless you apply by November, not our nominal May deadline,
you won't actually get in". Among high-ranking schools, I got 1 admit
(without aid) and 8 waitlists last year. So I'm trying again this
year, applying earlier. Hopefully it works out better.