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>So I just discovered that every single natlang I could find that has clicks

Steady now!  "Every natlang that has clicks" is already just a single solitary linguistic area, namely southern Africa.  The presence of tone is also known to be a phenomenon that readily spreads between adjacent languages.  So I don't think we have enough data to be confident whether clicks have any true correlation with tone, and in my judgment you're off the hook.  

I mean, just to drive the point home, a notable preponderance of the natlangs which have clicks place genitives before the noun they modify (even among languages which are mostly head-initial).  But I'd give no merit to criticism of the naturality of a conlang because it has clicks but noun-genitive order.

On the first hand, conlangs with clicks are underrepresented, and I'd love to see more of them regardless.

>Does anyone know a good way to get my feet wet with a simple tone system and actually be able to understand/use it myself? Should I just look up Japanese or Chinese language learning resources or is there something out there where I don't have to learn a language to make this one?

I don't know good resources, but even closer to home(?) than Punjabi, Scandinavian -- well, at least Norwegian and Swedish -- contrasts two tones, and (standard) Latvian has three.