Dear TEI crowd,

let me bring to your attention the christmas release of the Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Gesamtausgabe (WeGA). It’s a major release (v3.0) and it’s dedicated to Eveline Bartlitz in honor of her 90th birthday and for her (almost life long) commitment for Weber and her (more recent) enthusiasm for the TEI. She is one of our most active encoders and while she is usually working form the Berlin State Library, no one could stop her from installing oXygen on her home computer and sending svn commits at weekends!

Main release features:
* The Festschrift "Carl Maria von Weber als Operndirektor des Prager Ständetheaters von 1813 bis 1816" [1]
* Backlinks for all document types: E.g. the tab ‚backlinks‘ at Weber’s writing "Ueber die Oper Undine …" [2] reveals all references in other letters, diaries etc from the WeGA edition to this text.
* A Swagger style API [3]. At present it’s a limited amount of functions but will be further developed in the future. I’m happy for any suggestions and general feedback on this issue!

More information on the release can be found in the German release notes [4] and the English Github changelog [5].

With seasons greetings


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