łaá siri day 6:
tsir /t͡siɹ/ vns. to be light green, like grass (around #4AD513).

łaá siri day 7:
rir'ii’ /ɹíɹ.ʔiiʔ/ n. (1) (an) waxing crescent moon. e.g. «rir'ii’-ła
l-ii-‘aa’-saá!» (Free translation: ‘It’s the waxing crescent moon!’).  (2)
(in) waning crescent moon. Comp. of:  rir ‘young’, 'ii' ‘celestial body’.

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> Lexember Day 7 (Taivwni Dziwm):
> cailone /' "to believe, have faith, be religious"
> Historically, this verb derives from the generic verb "to believe"
> (pronounced /' in proto-TD), but in the modern language it is
> typically used intransitively, with a meaning closer to "be religious"
> than the English "believe". It can take a cognate object referring to a
> particular religion or school of faith (of which I have yet to name any
> in the TD universe, so I cannot give examples at the moment).
> In some rural areas it would be pronounced /' (although the
> people in the countryside around Taivwn tend to be less religious than
> the urbanites).
>  - kechpaja -