Thanks for your encouragement.  My expectations are low.  Just, it's something I've been working on for a long time and what do you do when you get done with something like that?  You have to share it.  Though of course, part of sharing it is sharing what I see as a full comprehension (appreciation) of what it is.  But of course everybody's baby is the worlds most beautiful and everyone else is blind to it.   
On 12/31/16, Paul Bartlett<[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On 2016-12-31, Robert South wrote:

> I've designed (yet another) auxlang I'd like to share with you all.
> Please check it out at

Thank you for joining us. I have glanced at the website and will take a
more detailed look after the holidays are over. Please do not be
disappointed or disheartened if those who already support / advocate
this or that other international auxiliary language prefer their choices
to which they have given some previous attention and/or support. This is
"the nature of the beast" when it comes to auxiliary languages. Welcome,
but please to do be discouraged if others do not immediately run en
masse to your effort.

Paul Bartlett