I would really define JARRAPU as mixed, not totally apriori.   Much of it is based loosely on English,
especially if you are willing to forgive what looks like the consequence of shifts.
Example: PEN = benefit.  Squint and you can see where it came from, or at least use it form an association.
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However, I'm reading the novel "Matter" by Iain Banks, and I am reminded of the language spoken by the Oct. 
Or that of the Thermians in the film Galaxy Quest.
On 01/02/17, Kjell Rehnström<[log in to unmask]> wrote:
The language Kotava has existed for
more than 30 years. You could have
a go at it to see how easy it is to
learn an apriori language, if you
don't have a very strong
motivation. And most of it is in
Frency, significantly easier to
read than any apriori language.
Read here:
You can find an English text but it
seams to be of little help. Most of
it seams to be in French.
Good luck!
Kjell R