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主题: Re: Lexember 2016 Géarthnuns

Kou skr? >

> > Where is Géarthnuns set, geographically?
> Roughly speaking; small island, Sea of Japan, near Vladivostok, near the
> mouth of the Tumen River.

Got it :-) That helps visualisation. Is the language an isolate?

Could it be otherwise? If you remember Elet Anta, those speakers seemed to insinuate themselves into our world _here_ and "here" without disrupting the timeline. Géartht?rs, an island, however small and unassuming, disrupts the timeline, but what can you do? Historically, speakers have been running up and down the Silk Road, picking up stuff as they go along. Now, they just quietly pay their UN dues and hope that no one really notices.