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>Hello everyone! I don't know if an introduction is a normal thing, but as I hope to join in y'all's discussions, I figured y'all might want to know who the new name is. (I lurked here a very long time ago, but I'm finally getting the motivation to get back into conlanging more seriously and I'd like to be a better part of the community.)

Welcome, welcome!  I do remember you from LCC5, and it'll be good to have you around.

>I've been conlanging for a while, and a small number of you I may have met at LCC5 (I was one of the UT LCS people who helped host). I am, from what I hear, one of the few conlangers who actually has a degree in linguistics! Most of what I do is realistic diachronic conlanging, and the project I'm working on now is a language that's undergone a variety of structural interference from an (as yet unmade) very typologically distinct family, and now looks quite different from its own relatives. It does some neat stuff, partially but not wholly on account of that - phonemic tone (without being a Southeast Asian monosyllabic-style language; it looks more Bantu or Athabaskan tone-wise), erg-abs alignment (except for one class of verbs, and relativiser morphology is split-ergative in a kind of weird way), applicatives everywhere, and so on. It's not documented well anywhere yet, but I hope to put it online sometime soon when I figure out what in the world creating and hosting a website looks like.

Ooh, that's some documentation I look forward to.  Also, if the title of this thread is representative, I like your aesthetics!

One option, if you are a California 501(c)3 LCS member (you are, right?), is their hosting: