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On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 5:48 PM, Aidan Aannestad <[log in to unmask]>

> That's definitely something I've thought about doing - I've gotten
> decently proficient in LaTeX, so I think HTML/CSS wouldn't be too horrible
> to learn. I'd be curious on the FTP upload process - I think that's the
> part I have the least idea how works.
> On 2017/01/14 17:13:29, J S Jones <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi, Aidan!
> I hand-code HTML/CSS on my computer and upload using FTP, but then I'm
> old-fashioned. There are other ways.
> Jeff
> On Fri, 13 Jan 2017 12:52:16 -0600, Aidan Aannestad wrote:
> >I've thought about both of those. Frathwiki seems like a good starting
> place, but I like the idea of having my own actual website. I think what I
> don't really understand is what to do once I get a * domain
> name - how do I add things to it, etc. I was an LCS member a very long time
> ago (when it was brand new and I was in high school); I'm almost certainly
> going to rejoin soon.
> >
> >On 2017/01/13 12:47:06, Pete Bleackley wrote:
> >There is also, of course,
> >
> >Pete Bleackley
> >The Fantastical Devices of Pete The Mad Scientist -
> >
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> >From: Alex Fink
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> >Subject: Re: Líndʑáró píehná nida eima | Hello everyone
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> >On Thu, 12 Jan 2017 22:08:53 -0600, Aidan Aannestad wrote:
> >
> >>Hello everyone! I don't know if an introduction is a normal thing, but
> as I hope to join in y'all's discussions, I figured y'all might want to
> know who the new name is. (I lurked here a very long time ago, but I'm
> finally getting the motivation to get back into conlanging more seriously
> and I'd like to be a better part of the community.)
> >
> >Welcome, welcome! I do remember you from LCC5, and it'll be good to have
> you around.
> >
> >>I've been conlanging for a while, and a small number of you I may have
> met at LCC5 (I was one of the UT LCS people who helped host). I am, from
> what I hear, one of the few conlangers who actually has a degree in
> linguistics! Most of what I do is realistic diachronic conlanging, and the
> project I'm working on now is a language that's undergone a variety of
> structural interference from an (as yet unmade) very typologically distinct
> family, and now looks quite different from its own relatives. It does some
> neat stuff, partially but not wholly on account of that - phonemic tone
> (without being a Southeast Asian monosyllabic-style language; it looks more
> Bantu or Athabaskan tone-wise), erg-abs alignment (except for one class of
> verbs, and relativiser morphology is split-ergative in a kind of weird
> way), applicatives everywhere, and so on. It's not documented well anywhere
> yet, but I hope to put it online sometime soon when I figure out what in
> the world creating and hosting a website looks like.
> >
> >Ooh, that's some documentation I look forward to. Also, if the title of
> this thread is representative, I like your aesthetics!
> >
> >One option, if you are a California 501(c)3 LCS member (you are, right?),
> is their hosting:
> >
> >
> >Alex