Dear All,

Students have been helping me with the encoding of the 1701 Basnage edition of the Dictionnaire Universel and are stuck by Basnage's occasionally commenting his headwords as in the following examples:

<form><orth>CABLE</orth>Quelques-uns écrivent<orth type="variant">CHABLE</orth><gramGrp><pos ana="subst">s.</pos><gen ana="masc">m.</gen></gramGrp></form>

   <entry xml:lang="fr" xml:id="Cacao"><form><orth>CACAO</orth> (D'autres disent <form><orth>CACAOYER</orth></form>pour l'arbre &amp;<form><orth></orth>CACAO</form>pour le fruit.)

Any ideas on how to best to encode such formulae?

Best wishes