Would EEBO do or do you need it converted to text?

Heide Estes
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Monmouth University
West Long Branch, NJ
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Could you script the downloads with wget or something similar?


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Is there a free  digital version of the 1611 King James Bible in its original spelling? The TCP doesn't have it. The Oxford Text Archive has a version in  standardized spelling.  At<,1,7mIJ_RRSZEmLrjyRS94A885VQOGy4xCqC6eV1EDnz-iU6ya9iBUz67qOVtIqeO-ytkpxfQH1cQ-b4TpDBdZMcKdGkrceOStiYBD-qt19D2oD2Bpf&typo=1> there is an original spelling version, and it is aligned with good images (which appear to come from Penn), but you can't download it as a whole, though you could get it chapter by chapter, which would be pretty tedious.