There is not a page listing deprecated features, but that might be a good idea. Release notes are to be found linked from, and a search on "deprecated" is likely to prove useful. 

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Lou Burnard has just made me aware that a change in P5 has rendered an
ODD document I wrote a little more than a year ago invalid.

This leads me to a couple of questions; if they are answered in
documentation on the TEI-C web site, please point me to the relevant
documents; I’m happy to RTFM if I can find TFM.

1 Is there a list, in the current text of P5, or elsewhere, of changes
which will affect the validity of documents against the tei_all schema
or against schemas generated using ODDs?  Or at least those changes
which render invalid some documents which were previously valid?

I’m looking for a list one could scan to see whether and how one will
need to change one's documents to bring them into harmony with the
current version of TEI, a list which would tell me, for example, that
the ‘status’ attribute is no longer accepted on the ‘elementSpec’
attribute as of … (and perhaps give a pointer to the document in which
this decision is explained or motivated).

In [1], there is some mention of listing such things in the release
notes for a release of the Guidelines, but starting from [2] I have
not yet succeeded in identifying anything that looks like release
notes for any version of the Guidelines.  The page shown at [3]
(linked to from the phrase “Releases of the TEI Guidlines”) makes me
wonder whether by ‘release’, document [1] means only things like P1,
P2, … P5.  In that case, we should expect the list of changes to
appear only when the consortium issues a TEI P6.


2 Is there a list on the TEI-C site of pending changes,
e.g. deprecations whose term has not yet expired, which do not
currently affect the validity of one's documents, but are expected to
in the future?

I have used the site's search interface to search for 'deprecation'
(which I believe is how I found document [1] above) but have not found
a list of elements or attributes for which time is running out.  From
the wording of [1], I suppose I could simply scan the TEI-L archives
for the last few years, but I don't find myself willing to do that.

Thanks for any help readers of this list can give me.

C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
Black Mesa Technologies LLC
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